(Original documents are available to view on request.)


As soon as I started having acupuncture sessions I noticed I was not feeling hungry at all and was not craving foods like before.....I lost a further 9 pounds and also felt so much more energetic and lost that horrible bloated feeling.....I don’t crave food any more and just have three small meals a day and do not pick between meals.....Thanks again Dr Wen I would recommend you 100% to anyone at all even those who are sceptical like I was, you will not be disappointed.
Mrs A.K., Lancashire

After three sessions of acupuncture I have not drunk any alcohol for the last month and I haven’t wanted any.....I have now been having acupuncture and taking herbal tablets for about seven weeks and I have already lost over one and a half stones.
Mrs. A.H., Lancashire


After two years of pain and cramp in my calf and feet I had trouble walking and had to buy a mobility scooter.....I made an appointment for footbaths and acupuncture and after 4 months I can now walk again and wear shoes, my feet and leg cramps are gone, I can only thank Dr Wen very much for this relief. Mr D.A., Lancashire


I was stunned by what Dr Wen told me about my health just by holding my wrist. He decided on a course of treatment and off we went. I was really amazed at the result, instantly I no longer had the craving for cigarettes.....I also have a liking for the herbal tea which definitely cleans the system. Mrs B.B., Yorkshire


I have had arthritis in my hip for about five years.....Dr Wen and his staff were excellent and after only a few sessions [of acupuncture] I began to feel a lot better, the limp I had developed due to my condition was slowly disappearing. I have absolutely no problem in recommending acupuncture to any of my friends or in fact to anyone who is suffering and cannot find relief through the NHS.    Mr D.P., Lancashire

Thank you very much for the help you have given me over the last 8 weeks in controlling the pain resulting from arthritis in my hip and knee. I have felt so much better since my treatment began and now I find I can walk much further and even enjoy a game of bowls without suffering. Mr A.H., Lancashire


I would like to say how glad I am that I brought my daughter to your clinic to find a way to alleviate her acne and improve her skin. Within two treatments of acupuncture and massage there was a noticeable difference in her skin. Not only were the spots much less painful, there were fewer of them. After another couple of sessions there was yet more improvement, and her sleep has improved. She is delighted that she does not have to take drugs to cure her acne. Mrs F.H., Lancashire


The acupuncture combined with your herbal teas and menopausal liquid medicine have given me a new lease of life. I am now sleeping well, the depression has gone, night sweats are non-existent, mood swings have disappeared and my irritable bowel symptoms are well under control. Mrs H.M., Yorkshire


Please accept my grateful thanks for the treatment I have received from you for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease following my heart attack last year. For months I suffered so much from nausea, pain and exhaustion that for most of the time was too ill to get out of bed, I lost over two stone in weight and needed round-the-clock care. My GP and consultant were both helpful, but all they could offer me was more and more medication, which did nothing to improve my quality of life. I was very fortunate to find out about you and your practice. After only two appointments I began to feel better. Even though I have not yet completed my course of treatment, I feel virtually back to normal, I am living completely independently and need no prescribed medication. Relatives and friends are astonished by the improvement in my health since you began treating me.
Mrs A.R., Lancashire

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